Massagem Low Cost

Call me: 914 034 355 (Calls to the National Mobile Network)
Where: Porto
Availability: Afternoons, Mornings, Nights, Das 10H00 ás 22H00
Serves at: Massage Center
He meets: Couples, Man, Woman
Language: English, Portuguese
Call me: 914 034 355 (Calls to the National Mobile Network)

If you need to relax your body and mind, we suggest a relaxation massage. This massage is perfect for relieving stress, relaxing muscles and relieving tension. The relaxation massage is gentle and done only with the hands. The rhythmic and continuous movements that run through the whole body, allow the release of oxytocin, the hormone that fights muscle tension, reduces stress, helps the good functioning of the intestine and lowers blood pressure.

Free yourself from stress with a relaxation massage! Our massage therapist has extensive training in the field of therapy and Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage and Localized Treatments.

Relaxing massage.
Therapeutic massage.
Lymphatic drainage.
Modeling massage.
cupping therapy.
Chinese pinda.
Hot rocks.
Skin cleansing.
Female depilation.
Male shaving

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