Gabriela Furacão

Call me: 961 111 811 (Calls to the National Mobile Network)
Where: Porto
Age: 36
Naturalness: Portuguese Brazilian
Eyes: Castanhos
Height: 1.65cm
Availability: 24h, 24 Horas
Serves at: Private Apartment, Private Office
He meets: Man
Language: English, Portuguese
Call me: 961 111 811 (Calls to the National Mobile Network)

Don’t let your pans outshine you. Don’t take house cleaning so seriously.
Life is short, enjoy it!
Dust off if necessary. But take the time to paint a picture or write a poem, go for a walk or visit a friend, cook whatever you like, water your plants…
Have free time to have a beer, swim at the beach (or pool), climb mountains, play with dogs, listen to music, read books, grow your friends and enjoy life.
Dust off if necessary, but life goes on outside. You know that day will never come again.
Dust off if necessary, but don’t forget that you will get older and that many things you can do now will not be so easy to do in old age. And when you leave, since we all leave one day, you too will turn to dust.
And no one will remember how many bills you paid, or your clean house, but they will remember your friendship, your joy and what you taught.”